Role overload and support for nurses

A new study on role overload in Canada’s heath-care system (Duxbury & Higgins) confirms that health care workers are among the most stressed, overwhelmed and burned-out workers in the country. It showed that workers with supportive managers were the happiest and healthiest, most engaged, and have lower rates of absenteeism.

The study drove home the message that health care employers need to take care of their staff like they do their patients. (full article in Ottawa Citizen)
What types of support could your organization provide to make you a happier, healthier nurse?

Or share an example that is already in place.

Provide support for vacation

Provide support for vacation and needed time off without any hoops to jump through.

While it may be difficult to

While it may be difficult to improve client-nurse ratios d/t the aging population, I think that providing flexible schedules will help retain nurses and decrease burnout.

To be compassionate when we

To be compassionate when we need to take time off and communicate their expectations and constructive feedback to us in a timely manner.

Listening to the nurses

Listening to the nurses speaking, listening to their suggestions and opionions because they are the ones on the floor. I think that we have valuable information that could help with the function of a floor

like to see more

like to see more interprofessional collaboration

I would like to see better

I would like to see better collaboration between the different sectors in nursing as well as the different roles like doctors and physiotherapists. This in turn would allow for much easier treatment of patients...

Being able to communicate

Being able to communicate with the employees and making sure all the programs that support and help nurses live a happier and healthier life are presented.

More available research

I wish to see more research being done.

I would like to be able to

I would like to be able to access the websites. some org. fail you to enter their websites due to errors in the systems

Being available on the unit

Being available on the unit at various times throughout the day. Being open to taking new suggestions even if it is not what you had in mind... collaborating ideas.

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